DMM Management recently celebrated it 22nd anniversary. Founded in 1993 in response to a need in the Wireless Communications Industry for quality Project Management services, they have since added CM, Engineering and QA Management services. In 1993, most wireless communication sites were being developed by individual disciplines without any one person dedicated to managing the overall process from start to finish. Recognizing that discrepancy, a major carrier in the Southwest region of the country, Bell Atlantic Mobile, engaged David M. Mitchell to provide this sorely needed service to them in order to meet their FCC mandated coverage objectives in their growing market. Having already been providing Construction Management services to the industry up to that time, and being acutely aware of that lack of overall management, David founded DMM to fill that void. So began a history of successful deployments for this new company.

David is the President and CEO of DMM Management. He began working in the wireless industry in 1987, and formed DMM Management in 1993. To read more about David, click HERE.

Mark is the COO of DMM Management, He began his wireless career in 1987, and joined DMM in 1999 as the General Manager of Operations. To read more about Mark, clickHERE.

Donaldis the CFO and Director of Engineering for DMM. He started his career in the wireless industry in 1997, and joined DMM in 2011. To read more about Donald, clickHERE.

DMM operates with a philosophy of Principle-driven Leadership. With a focus on honesty and integrity and driven by a desire to produce tomorrow’s leaders, DMM is always looking for opportunities to develop their team.

Let us help you and your team do the same.

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For Project Examples, click here.